We are pleased to invite you, or your organization, to become a Member of The European Economic Development Society (EEDS).

Our focus: Local Economy Strategic Management

Our mission: To initiate and support the process of Modernization of the Governance Technologies in the field of Local Economic Development as a long-term measure for competitiveness, growth and job delivery in the European Regions .

Our overall objective: To contribute for filling the competitiveness gap between  North and South European Regions

Our objectives:

  • To participate in policy-making and policy – implementation aimed to support European SMEs
  • To contribute for European SMEs competitiveness and access to global markets
  • To serve as a hub for professional excellence in local economic development
  • To promote the profession of European Certified Economic Developers
  • To lobby on national and EU level for recognition of the profession of Certified Economic Developers
  • To produce positions, opinions and recommendations for policy- making in the field of Small & Medium Business Affairs, and in Regional Development


Below you can review our 4 types of memberships.

Please note, that if you are a non-profit organization, standards body, university, research institute, media and publishing, government and other organization types as defined by the EEDS board of directors, the Associate membership and the Collaborating membership is free. Furthermore, individual members do not pay a membership fee either.

If interested in becoming a member please contact us at: