Certificate Programmes



EEDS, in partnership with Formula Europa Institute, developed series of certificate  programs aimed on specialization in Local Economic Development affairs for professionals currently working in the public sector and are (or plan to become) engaged in local economic development. The programs are holding a strong potential for individuals currently participating (or are interested to participate) in the political establishment and are willing to dedicate their individual (or party’s efforts) to building strong political platforms focused on economic improvement and job delivery. Our programs are also suitable for students currently studying majors Public Management & Administration, or Economy, interested in pursuing future professional goals as leaders in local economic development. EEDS educational products  are based on Economic Development Competency Framework developed by Formula Europa Institute while participating as consultant to the Working Group engaged with developing  ISO 18091:2014.  Our programs reflect the guidelines prescribed to local governments by ISO 18091:2014 for producing quality public product, as lined up  in ISO 9001:2008. They are suitable for joint delivery with universities in EU and non-European countries. 

ED Competency Framework EN


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